Upgrading your firmware

To upgrade your Peersonic bat recorder -

  1. Download the IMAGE file  in the downloads section below to your computer.
  2. With the unit turned off, press the right hand button and at the same time plug in a micro USB cable connected to your computer.
  3. The display will illuminate and prompt you to release the button.
  4. A window will open on your computer ( PC or Mac).
  5. You can now copy , or drag and drop the new image file into the bat recorder file.
  6. It may appear that the new image file is bigger than the one you are replacing, trust me, just do it.
  7. Upgrading takes a few seconds only. Please download the V9 to V9.6 upgrade instructions below if you are using Windows 7 onwards.

Title Version Size Download
bin IMAGE 9.6 90.11 KB Download

Whats new in Version 9.6

V9.6 adds a restore facility for statics recording, useful if the unit has been left in the hands of a novice.

As requested by various ecologists, the current time is shown on the display, along with peak energy frequency and the power bar. Useful for note taking.

File naming now allows up to three user defined characters. Or a single user character with the peak energy frequency in the file name as before.

The backlight will dim down after 3 hours to save a bit of power if there is no user interaction.

Nice thing about V9.6 Sleep mode is that you can set up the RPA2 and just hand it to a total novice, they don't need do anything more than leave it deployed somewhere, It will wake , record and sleep. Perferct.

V9.6 is compatible with all Peersonic hardware. Hardware is created in software with the XMOS processor.

Product Information

Read RPA

For those using static equipment a direct SDcard to PC reader might be useful. The program allows a BatFAT Peersonic SD card to be read directly from a PC card reader, it is fast. The naming is changed to date and time format.

If you have a thousand files or so you might find this useful, it will work with the handheld equipment also, but this does mean opening the plastic enclosure.

 Read RPA Downloads

Title Version Size Download
pdf Using Read-RPA Not Applicable 94.98 KB Download
zip Readrpa.2.2.3b 2.2.3b 470.94 KB Download