Peersonic ultrasound microphone testerUltrasonic microphones as used in detectors and recording equipment have various failure modes depending upon the type of microphone and the amount of use outdoors.
MEMS Electric mircophones are very popular now, but they will degrade with exposure to moisture. Drying out can recover performance after an excessive saturation, however, the higher frequencies may not recover to the same extent as lower ultrasound (30-40kHz).

Because of this, it makes sense to test your equipment prior to a session of use, especially if it is to be left out in various conditions.

Introducing the Peersonic Microphone Tester

Rather than test the microphone with a spot frequency, the Peersonic mic tester offers the following.

  • Tests at 4 fixed frequencies with a simulated sine wave.
  • Runs a series of patterns that test at different rates over the spectrum in steps from 15kHz to 125kHz.

Price : £135 + delivery + VAT

Sound Gallery

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The Peersonic microphone tester is a programmable sine wave ramp generator so, as such, an additional feature has been added - Bat sound emulation - this emits the sounds from a few familiar UK species and makes an entertaining way to test your equipment before going out into the field. The emulation is not a WAV file playback - it would not fool an expert - but has been used for quick 5-minute training of novices on bat walks.

BatWav unit 1r The Peersonic BatWav PCM384

  • For use as an ultrasound training tool.
  • Also used as a lure.

The BatWav, as suggested in its name, will play back WAV file full spectrum recordings of bats or anything ultrasound at a sample rate of 384ksamples/second.

It may be powered by a laptop type power supply for office use when training students on recognition of bat calls. Social calls through to high frequency navigation calls may be played back using the tripod mounted speaker. In this case a rechargeable battery pack may be used.

Currently in use for bat detector training and as a lure it has been proven to be efficient and effective.

L010 transducerr The speaker supports replay up to 100kHz which covers UK species as far as Greater Horseshoe.

A new speaker is at the R&D stage which will extend response up to 140kHz , allowing reproduction of Lesser Horshoe calls at 114kHz.

Pricing is £550 + delivery + VAT

Please contact Peersonic for delivery and quotations

Note: It is illegal to disturb bats in the UK; they are protected. This includes flash photography, roost or habitat disturbance, and definitely acoustic interference, unless an appropriate licence is granted.

Microphone Tester Info Sheet

BatWAV Info Sheets