The PeerSonic Bat Recorder

The Peersonic Bat Recorder is the perfect choice for anyone interested in bat detecting , recording and analysing.

This is a handheld recorder and detector, which will give audio response, and display live peak energy frequency, it can also be left to automatically record. Listen , record and observe. It can be converted to a weatherproof static recorder at very low cost.

The object is to provide cost effective full spectrum recording, entry level pricing is similar to a good detector, but recording and fast frequency display are part of the package.

This full spectrum recorder delivers high end quality at entry level pricing, and the quality is equivalent to equipment costing £1000 or so.

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 A discount is available for BCT bat groups and BCT current members
Peersonic charitably supports the Bat Conservation Trust -
Join the BCT as a new member and Peersonic offers a single £30 discount on RPA3.
Valid for 30 days within new membership issue BCT standard £30 membership or greater.


  • Detect and listen to bats in real time
  • Record full spectrum sound to FLASH SD memory
  • Display peak energy frequency of signal
  • Hand held size with tripod mount
  • Convert to a weatherproof static unit by swapping electronics int a waterproof enclosure.
  • Recording quality on par with expensive equipment or better.


  • Affordable price
  • Multi-function with auto record
  • Configure and save for untrained user surveys.
  • Appropriate for novices to professionals.
  • Scale your requirements as your experience builds, without having to re-invest in equipment.

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